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Even though these books by Mr.

Ron Foster

Foster are listed under Fiction, there are so many tips and tricks in the books that you don't realize how much you're actually learning! His writing style is " Good story, leaves you wanting more! His writing style is "comfortable Southern" and always leaves me wanting more! Great prepper fiction I am such a huge fan of Ron Foster and his books! This one was no different. Facts and products and prepping tips woven into a story relevant to our daily lives and possible catastrophic events.

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Do yourself a favor and purchase this book. Then use it as another guide to preparing yourself and your family for possible emergency situations. Highly recommend! Jan 22, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. I really, really enjoy Ron Foster's books and this was no exception.

It was a different view for me, as it is set in California and being on the east coast, an arkstorm is something I never had to think about. As usual, Ron makes me think about what I would do in this situation. Jim Moore rated it really liked it Jun 27, Ron Foster rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Paul Simpson rated it it was amazing Oct 15, Ruth Casey May rated it did not like it Apr 24, Katie Griggs rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Bruce Thomas rated it really liked it Feb 04, Ericonefifty rated it really liked it Mar 31, William K Karns rated it it was ok Jun 03, Kathleen rated it really liked it Dec 19, Sexybeast rated it liked it Jun 04, Velvetink marked it as to-read Apr 11, Mountainman Onthehunt marked it as to-read Jun 25, Stephenie marked it as to-read Jul 15, Darcy Leerhoff marked it as to-read Oct 03, Angela marked it as to-read Oct 12, Billy Roper marked it as to-read Oct 07, Netanella marked it as to-read Apr 23, Glenda marked it as to-read Dec 03, Kevin marked it as to-read Sep 16, Sheba Hall marked it as to-read Apr 22, John Neveu marked it as to-read Apr 22, Seth Kinkaid marked it as to-read Apr 29, Tim marked it as to-read Jun 10, Camilla marked it as to-read Jul 25, Andrew Charles Lucas marked it as to-read Oct 05, Dee added it Feb 12, Thomas M.

Jerome is currently reading it Apr 21, Mary marked it as to-read Jul 07, Sherri Cortes is currently reading it Jul 09, Kimberly is currently reading it Jul 10, Evan marked it as to-read Aug 06, David Wayne Sutton is currently reading it Aug 22, Sherry Fortner is currently reading it Aug 28, Bill Sullivan marked it as to-read Aug 29, If you are going to do disaster planning, you should look at reasonable extreme events, and simulating an event which actually occurred in seems quite reasonable.

With so many houses and roads in canyons and on hillsides, surely there will be more mudslides on now-denuded hills with no tree roots anchoring the soil. Many people now live in places where they are in grave danger from a one in a century rain event. We already saw in WUWT a few days ago what happens in Brazil when people live in flood plains and denude hillsides — people get washed away, mudslides inundate areas of towns.

So this ARKstorm effort is good. Yes, surely people will be quick to attribute the next year precipitation event in CA to global warming, the media will be all over it. But simply preparing to deal with the next time historical precipitation comes? That can only be good. At first I thought the USGS was a little out of their box on this but looking at their web site I was wrong, They are a federal agency that is now knee deep into climate as it pertains to the earth and creatures and plants.

Ihre Vorteile

How much tax dollars are going for duplication of effort. Perhaps the new congress will take a look at agencies that are extending their reach and duplicating effort. At least now I know what the number looks like but frankly we should expect more from the USGS than a scare tactic. Whatever happened to presenting the case in person in a rational way rather than using dramatic graphics from of all places an arts college. How much did that cost. Brewer, the field leader of the Whitney Survey of California between and It provides some brief descriptions of the effects in San Francisco and Sacramento and environs.

Also included is the monthly rain gauge data from S. That means most of the LA and Orange County metropolitan area was under water!

ark xii mit: Topics by

Granted that a tremendous amount of flood control engineering work has been subsequently constructed in these watersheds, but the order of magnitude of the flood is about three times the size of the event flood which prompted the construction of the flood control works.

As an AGW skeptic, I keep repeating that none of the extreme weather events that have occurred in recent years are unprecedented. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of hydrology knows this. As someone noted above, the Victorian floods are estimated to have a recurrence interval of 1 in 2oo years. Same goes for the Queensland floods. We forget historical precedent at out peril.

People are growing darker and cooler to everything. It has been demonstrated repeatedly in the past year that people are growing cooler to government every day, April 15 is expected to be the coldest day of the year in the US. Note: When yer pipes back up call Joe The Plumber! For a free estimate call Ask for Joe. This offer good everywhere in the world except where prohibited by law; and in California.

Sarc Off. Of course preparation for and extreme scenarii are part of knowledge. That has been happening throughout my lifetime and neither public nor government planning addresses the matter. The thousand-year floods in St. Louis were noteworthy because they produced a lot of video footage of houses being swamped, but all those houses were in the flood plains.

And folks are constantly building levees which do nothing but save up for the really big floods.

California's past and coming superstorm: Flooding that will make Harvey a dim memory

And the government permits all this, then rushes in with government aid when the flood happens. Louis residents, you had to drive ten miles just to see the flood. My point is that the emphasis should be on the flood plains, not on the size of the expected storm. Am I wrong on this? Would the ARK flood do serious damage beyond the flood plains? If so, can someone put this damage in perspective, please?

I can answer that one! Flood potential is vastly different today than it was years ago. Perhaps locally in the Sierra foothills, but once the storm surge reaches the Great Valley, nothing but shallow inundation. Widespread, but shallow. It used to be a great science agency. I studied this in an environmental geology class way back in John Minch gave us a tour of the pending hydrological disasters of Southern California. A hundred year flood would produce 4 times the flow of capacity of that channel. In the spring this reverses.

Some people on this thread have missed that this sort of large-scale rainfall has occurred in the past. It is not a question of whether this will happen again, but when. With or without global warming. Not planning for and addressing this contingency would inevitably lead to massive loss of life, not to mention the huge economic impact it would have on the affected regions.

We will one day be hit by an astroid, or subjected to the radiation of a huge solar flare, as well. I can remember when the USGS did some of the finest geology and hydrolgy in the world and now they are reduced to prognosticating and pontificating using computer models, and dialing for dollars by using scare tactics of the precautionary principle and this-may-happen scenarios. Sometimes mega-s! We better get ready for it. There are massive debris fields below every mountain range in southern california. The size of the stones is mostly in the 2 inch to 12 inch size range.

That suggests a sustained flow rate of very high proportions. However the historical floods show the one previous to was in — that is , not I guess their math is as good as their predictive models. Second — pitching disaster preparedness a la a SyFy disaster flick may not be the best way to approach things, even in especially in? Yes, it has happened and will probably occur again. Yes, people need to be aware of the risks.

But sheesh, my tax money went for this? Walls of water 10 ft high? Say goodbye to Al Gores SF frontage then! Unfortunately, thereafter, normal people have bought the dream that the charlatans have sold them. Keith Bates says: January 16, at pm Considering that we were supposed to be in a perpetual drought due to AGW getting a 1 in year flood is quite an achievement. There has been no claim of perpetual droughts.

Just a claim of more frequent and intense droughts. There has been no claim that floods will go away. Predictions and actual temperature rises so far are small. You are conflating actual events now with predictions of the next years. Dennis Nkols says —— I think everyone needs to also keep in mind those who fail to plan or allow the plan to be corrupted by greed or neglect, think Australia, Pakistan and Brazil, if something like this gets people asking the right questions can that be all that bad?

Scientists predict Biblical flood for California HD

Ignorant guesswork I would say. If you want to consider greed or neglect do it in you own backyard. Hurricane Katrina anyone????

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LazyTeenager Greed and neglect are a minor aspect of the Katrina catastrophe. Major aspect was building, not in the flood plain, but below the flood plain. Below sea level, actually.