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It means draining the entire lagoon, changing the contour of the bottom, fixing large pieces of equipment. The Surf Ranch as it exists now, the 2. This prototype is a giant, rectangular, freshwater lagoon, yards long. Directly next to the lagoon is another freshwater lake, one that is still used for wakeboarding and paddleboarding.

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The area is surrounded by dozens of trees, some of them planted to create a buffer for wind, since wind affects the formation of the wave. Framed photos of Slater and a few of his trophies serve as decor. Slater keeps a small quiver here too, in an open locker with his name on it. Wave height at the Surf Ranch averages around 6 feet, the size used by pros like Carissa Moore. For beginners the wave operators can dial it down to a 3-foot "intermediate" curls.

The lagoon is filled with 15 million gallons of UV-and-chlorine-treated water. Alongside it, a ton hydrofoil—covered by tarps—runs along a fence, like a locomotive. The hydrofoil is pulled by cables, which spool out of two winch drums on either side of the lagoon. Even the lifeguards seem to be a part of the well-oiled machinery.

This is all in preparation for the upcoming Surf Ranch Pro event. These calls are received in the control tower, an elevated shack over on the west side of the lagoon. A lifeguard trained in big-wave surfing rescue monitors the lagoon alongside Bowline, the Ranch's unofficial mascot.

More than 50 types of wave can be produced at the push of a button. Up in the control tower, this Uberfication of surfing becomes even more apparent.

Upon receiving the command from one of the lifeguards, a wave operator named Matt goes to a drop-down menu on the screen of a Siemens-made control system and selects a wave profile. He pushes a blue button, and, just like that, launches a wave. Griffin Colapinto grew up in San Clemente, California, known for its many consistent surf breaks. Here at the Surf Ranch, he experiences a new definition of "consistent. If you catch a bit of an edge or a rail, this wave is just moving no matter what.

The wave also wears surfers out. Carissa Moore, a three-time world champ, says she stressed her hamstring abductor at the ranch. A lifeguard tells me that other injuries, like concussions, have occurred, and that the guard staff require surfers to use hand signals in the pool, so they can stay alert to more serious situations. You use your legs so much more. You have to take breaks. Three-time world champion Carissa Moore says she experienced a minor injury at the Surf Ranch due to the stress it puts on the body. Wave pools are not new.

Distance to ocean aside, you could say the same of Slater. Big Surf is still open for business. Disney has a wave pool, too, at its water theme park in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. But over the past decade or so, a series of wave pools has popped up see what I did there that are promising better waves. These are designed for surfing. NLand , a surf park that opened in Austin in , is open to the public.

For NLand this equates to around 24 waves an hour. But making waves is also power-intensive. Coors says the energy it takes to create a second wave is equivalent to 10 V6 engines running for the same amount of time. Artificial waves can be generated in a variety of ways: with pistons, with air chambers, with paddles, with water itself, dropped or skimmed along a body of water to create surface waves.

Kelly Slater's Artificial Surf Pool Is Really Making Waves

Another way of doing it is with hydrofoils, which is what Slater and Fincham are using. The contouring of the bottom of the lagoon is key too, since that impacts how the waves will shape up. NLand has been using a hydrofoil system, as well. Basically, what makes the Slater wave so special? Fincham and the World Surf League hate sharing these details. Control the water, control the wave. Big wave surfing blows my mind and the techniques to mentally prepare yourself for a challenge really fascinate me. Contrary to common belief, studies show that visualizing yourself being successful correlates strongly with failure researchers have hypothesized that it can lead to complacency.

Where as visualizing the specific steps required to achieve success works well.

Excerpt from Surf's Up | Penguin Random House Canada

Focusing on the task in hand really helps put worries out of your mind. Public speaking is good example: you should focus on knowing your subject matter and not waste time imagining the crowd naked. Thinking about what you need to do and constantly making decisions even if they turn out to be the wrong ones is the key. In his film, Chapter 11 , Reynolds opened up about his eventual split with Quiksilver following their bankruptcy, his years-long battle with anxiety and panic attacks, and his insecurities about being an aging athlete in a sport where the next superstar is always right on your heels.

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  • It was the film equivalent of standing at a podium and delivering a speech while naked, and, unsurprisingly, Reynolds says it was the hardest film project he's ever worked on. But from navigating my surf career, it seems like everybody has weird issues and some people can turn that into art or let it take them down. I wanted to tell my story from a neutral sort of stance, and hopefully people could connect to it or pull something from it.

    Or even just have a better perspective on the fact that everybody has different shit going on and you've got to empathize. After our session at County Line, we headed to Carpinteria, where we turned up a long, tree-lined road into a quiet neighborhood. We pulled into the driveway fronting a quaint teal house and parked next to a pigeon coop. The inside of the Reynolds' home feels like a shrine to obscure art and fringe culture. In the entryway sits a mid-century TV topped with what appears to be a sculpture of a sandworm from the movie Beetlejuice.

    A huge canvas covered with colorful, abstract shapes adorns the living-room wall, and a framed photo of a small child hugging a chimpanzee hangs over a staircase to the second story. As we sank into the large living-room couches and cracked two cold beers, I asked Reynolds about Chapter 11 and whether or not the debilitating anxiety that defined his last five years was behind him. Layne was fantastic, she took the time to speak to and be photographed by the delegates.

    The presentation itself was brilliant, everyone was very impressed.

    Australia’s Top 7 Secluded Surf Spots

    Very professional and willing to answer lots of questions at the end. Layne was a fantastic presenter to deal with both on and off stage. Our audience were captivated by her throughout the whole presentation. She is such an inspiration! We had a very male dominated group of all ages. Coming in at the end of the day where energy levels are often waning, Layne changed their state in minutes, had them enthralled and focussed with her story and life messages.

    GoPro: Endless Barrels - GoPro of the Winter 2013-14 powered by Surfline

    Layne is a truly authentic person with a very strong message of what can be, despite the challenge life can throw at all of us. I can tell you this was money very well spent. Layne Beachley is the most successful surfer in history. She is the only surfer, male or female, with 6 consecutive World Titles, and the only female with 7 World Titles.

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    She also possesses a rare story-telling ability that inspires, entertains and transfers knowledge, in a way that is relatable to everyone, irrespective of their stage of life. Learning to surf at 4 years of age, Layne found a place where she truly belonged, despite the hostility and threats from a predominantly male dominated environment.

    Now leading from the boardroom, as Chair of Surfing Australia and director of her own charitable foundation, Aim For The Stars, Layne combines her lessons learned in business and sport with an authentic and resilient attitude in order to succeed. As genuine as they come, Layne Beachley is truly inspiring. Layne is a highly sought after Keynote speaker who provides a unique Keynote for each and every client.

    Layne is a fantastic speaker to kick off or close your event with a high-energy presentation guaranteed to have your audience inspired through her infectious personality and powerful messaging.